Establishing the digital presence of a rising-star restaurant.



Shaping the perfect plan

We formed a multidisciplinary team with members of Kyatcha team. Throughout several brainstorming sessions, we filtered ideas and settled fundaments for the holistic marketing strategy.

Due to the complexity of the project, we were successively executing strategy in several stages, consulting and reviewing all the cornerstones with the client.

Kyatcha Den Haag Website
Website: Kyatcha
Kyatcha Den Haag Website

Immersive experience

Following the plan, we managed to establish a well synchronised, immersive experience for customers. Building brand awareness and selectively revealing perfectly timed information we were able to build interest and the precise amount of tension and expectation for the upcoming restaurant. To scale the success of the organic activity in shaping awareness of the brand, we backed it up with long-term PPC campaigns increasing final results even further.

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When we started our cooperation, Kyatcha was setting up its second, and later the third sushi restaurant. They needed a consistent strategy to increase awareness of the brand and their new locations. They wanted to be able to build a relevant audience for their business.


We developed and executed a complex marketing strategy based on user habits and interests. We built relevant tools for the effective communication strategy. To achieve the plan we created the website, built social media channels and run PPC advertisement.


We were able to build positive brand awareness before the official opening of the restaurants. It allowed the restaurant to fill their business effectively since the first day. Thanks to our strategy, users encountered immersive and engaging experience, which led to goal completions on the website increasing by 101%, and a 139% rise of goal value in a period of 4 months.