Digital Evolution: From Foodhallen to Fine Dining


We took Kyatcha from a small food stand to a celebrated name in fine dining. We built a welcoming online world for them, with everything from a user-friendly website to buzzing social media.

A holistic approach was at the core of our strategy, integrating web design, marketing, and content creation to construct the brand’s identity from the ground up.

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Scattered Digital Presence

Kyatcha’s online efforts were diverse but lacked a cohesive thread, making it hard for the brand’s rich history and ethos to shine through the digital noise. Each platform seemed to tell a different story, diluting the brand’s essence.

Inconsistent Communication

Despite the unique dining experience, this wasn’t clearly or consistently communicated online. Potential customers were met with varying messages, creating confusion and preventing a unified brand experience.

Limited Visibility

The magic of Kyatcha’s dishes and the ambiance of their spaces were the city’s best-kept secrets. High-quality dining experiences went unnoticed because the digital spotlight didn’t capture the true vibrancy and appeal of Kyatcha.

Modest Online Engagement

Initial online interactions were minimal, with website visits and social media engagement not reflecting the excellence Kyatcha offered. The brand’s digital platforms needed a strategy that resonated more effectively with their target audience.

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Digital Universe

Introducing the holistic ‘Digital Universe’ strategy was a journey beyond mere strategy application. By overseeing and integrating every component of their online image, we were able to harness a powerful synergy among these elements.


This comprehensive control allowed us to achieve remarkable results, unattainable through focusing on isolated aspects of the digital landscape. This concerted effort not only magnified Kyatcha’s brand but also mirrored their commitment to culinary and service excellence, setting a new benchmark for what’s possible in digital marketing.

Refined Digital Strategy

We closely aligned with Kyatcha to streamline their digital marketing efforts. By focusing on a consistent narrative across all channels, we helped amplify Kyatcha’s story, ensuring that each post, ad, and update clearly echoed the brand’s values and vision.

Unified Brand Experience

Our collective efforts were geared towards solidifying Kyatcha’s online identity. We meticulously crafted every piece of digital content to reflect Kyatcha’s philosophy, ensuring that customers would receive a seamless brand experience, whether scrolling through social media or browsing the website.

Broader Audience Reach

Through targeted campaigns and storytelling that highlighted Kyatcha’s unique offerings, we captured the attention of a broader audience. People not only learned about Kyatcha but felt drawn to experience the culinary journey Kyatcha promised, significantly raising brand awareness.

Enhanced Online Activity

The transformation led to a vibrant increase in online engagement. More website traffic translated into higher reservation rates, and social media platforms buzzed with excitement around Kyatcha’s offerings. It was a true reflection of the community’s growing interest and appreciation for Kyatcha’s culinary art.

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Visual Storytelling

In our media production, we focus on storytelling through high-quality photography and videography. We highlight unique flavors, lively atmosphere, and culinary excellence. Our goal is to engage viewers, making them feel part of the experience.

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