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Kyatcha eCommerce

Providing a cohesive user experience

We had been working with Kyatcha for several months already when we started building the WooCommerce webshop for them. They needed it as quickly as possible to keep up with an increasing number of new delivery orders. Fortunately, we had such a long history of successful cooperation together that understanding the needs of the brand was extremely easy.

We built the eCommerce webshop with a brand style in mind, making it an inherent part of the current website. We supported the launching of the new platform with multichannel online promotion and offline actions.

Kyatcha WooCommerce Webshop for Sushi Restaurant
Website: Kyatcha

Why WooCommerce webshop?


Appreciate the possibility to adjust every single element of the webshop, keeping it simple when you want it or extending it with many additional features when it’s necessary.

Full control

WooCommerce is an open-source project, supported by community and Automatic, the company behind WordPress. It means it’s fully supported and documented. You can host it in on your server and fully own all the data.


Choose the platform that will grow along with your business. WooCommerce webshop can stand heavy traffic and deliver excellent performance.

Kyatcha Den Haag Website

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Kyatcha has been quickly expanding and experiencing a massive rise in online orders. To avoid the significant commission rate from delivery services, we had to find a more effective solution. The challenge was to build an adjustable system, which allows adding multiple online shops in future. We also wanted it to perfectly fit the current visual communication of the brand and provide customers with the best shopping experience possible.


From all the eCommerce platforms, we decided to use WooCommerce webshop mostly because we could swiftly implement it into the current website and create a cohesive system. Although WooCommerce may be more demanding at the beginning, the flexibility and possibility to scale the business in future are almost limitless. Owning the data and being able to perform an unlimited number of modifications provides an exceptional level of potential for efficient use of marketing tools.


We managed to build a well-tailored and flexible online delivery system which surpassed our expectations. Thanks to a high level of user satisfaction, well-planned marketing strategy and limiting the commission of partner deliveries, in the first month, online sales exceeded reservations in generated profit significantly. In future WooCommerce platform allowed us to scale the business and let us build an online store for another location quickly.

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