Bringing to life a pop-up concept of a Japanese Deli.



Short but exciting life

The life cycle of the concept was particularly short, but we decided that at least it will be a fascinating one. Utilising limited resources, based on the thorough research of the neighbourhood and local society, we managed to build a tempting brand image attracting local customers.

Hachi Japanese Deli Den Haag Website
Project: Hachi Restaurant Den Haag

Power of visual communication

We eat with our eyes first. It’s why we decided to show Hachi’s culinary creations the most appealingly and preserving at the same time the authentic look of the dishes. We focused on an enormous variety of fresh ingredients and vivid colours accompanying those creative dishes. The overall visual communication was simple but powerful and effective.

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Hachi Japanese Deli is a pop-up concept meant to be available just for 2 months. The biggest challenge was to balance the resources used for promotion with the best performance possible in such a short time.


Due to the short life cycle of the brand, we decided not to invest much time in building the brand itself. Instead, we completely focused on the selling aspect, providing customers with easy access to delivery services and targeting the nearest neighbourhood.


Thanks to the implemented strategy we successfully managed to bring immense traffic to the website and the location in just 2 months. We created a modern and exciting concept which allowed the store to be fully profitable from the first days of its activity.